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Be Her Lead - Period Poverty

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The Bee's Knees are delighted to collaborate with Gilbert Inglefield Academy's 'Be Her Lead' committee in tackling period poverty in Leighton Buzzard.

The Be Her Lead Story

Be Her Lead is a Community Interest Company based in London, Co-Founded by teachers Edith, Nell, Sabina and Eve who were working at a school in a disadvantaged area of West London.

Their mission is to create intersectional feminist spaces in schools.

They were deeply concerned by the low wellbeing and lack of confidence observed in their female pupils. They were also frustrated that gender inequality was not being tackled effectively enough at an early stage.

In 2017 they ran a programme of weekly workshops for a group of teenage girls over the course of one academic year.

The following year they founded Be Her Lead and ran their first pilot in 2019 in 11 schools. Since then, they have run we have run programmes in 37 schools serving disadvantaged communities, training over 200 teachers to run workshops for over 600 girls aged between 8 and 18.

Periods should be one less thing to worry about

Gilbert Inglefield Academy is part of the school network supporting this initiative, the 'Be Her Lead' committee was formed in 2019 and is led by KS3 pupils, supported by Kay Webb, Director of Pupil Well Being.

One of the aims of this committee is to tackle period poverty and ensure that young women have access to menstrual products when they need it most. Giving girls the peace of mind that these products are available should they need them.

We are working with the committee to build a network of organisations locally who will accept our 'Bee Card', a discreet credit card sized card which will enable young women to access period products when they need it at various locations across the town.

An example of the card that the young women will carry

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